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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Black Death Cult - Devil's Paradise

There's really something to be said for the new way of uber primitive bands that we are seeing infest upon the scene lately. Black Death Cult is just another addition to this twisted legion with a Beherit inspired sound fused with creepy synths and a terrifying sense of evil. This is a band who go for the throat and eagerly terrorize listeners. Their debut album, Devil's Paradise is a challenging listen and one that will leave you clawing at your face, desperate to find sanity in an age of endless suffering. Suffice it to say - Black Death Cult are good, really good.

Of course - this is not really a band that normal metalheads will enjoy. It's a band who are very deeply invested in their subniche of a subniche. They revel in the power of the old gods, bands like Masters Hammer and Necromantia. There is something inherently terrifying about the ghoulish nature of their sound. Funnily enough, it makes for a remarkably appropriate Halloween listen. The colossal stomp of the band and their willingness to embrace the terrifying is exciting. Yes the music is alienating and weird to many, but that's part of the point, part of what makes Devil's Paradise such a morbidly addictive listen for freaks like me. 

If you're here to wallow in the muck. To descend into madness and to embrace the misery of existence, then this is the album for you. Devil's Paradise is a challenging listen. It's a weird listen but it's also one that doesn't have any pretensions about what it is or what it seeks to accomplish. Devil's Paradise is a gloriously evil treatise from a band dedicated to slitting throats. This is the sort of demented offering that can't help but to mesmerize, and the more time you spend embedded in the misery of what they've accomplished the more you will fall in love. 

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