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Friday, October 30, 2020

Vulgarian - Human Scum


The whole trend of infusing sludge metal with hardcore is one that has always appealed to me. Bands like False Gods and Primitive Man execute on it with aplomb. So it's delightful to hear a band like Vulgarian perfectly weave crust punk and hardcore anger into a sludgier background. Their debut album, Human Scum stands as a cry against so much of the misery and oppression that we see, in particular going into this horrible fucking election. There is a sense of torment behind the band that makes it a delight to sink your teeth into. 

Vulgarian do a wonderful job of merching doomed and unsettling melodies with pummeling drums and tortured, Mike IX-esque vocals. A track like 'Shithole' is a perfect example of this. It's a band who deliver with punishing clarity all the same sort of madness that one might delve into time and time again. The searing power and rage behind the record only makes it more thrilling. One important thing to note is that Vulgarian have definitely leaned into the idea of 'Southern Sludge' with the bass guitar taking an especially big role in these recordings and driving listeners deeper into the realms of a crushing bottom end. 

Human Scum is a downright thriller, no matter how you slice it. It sees the band grinding towards a twisted and distinct vision for themselves. While some of the songs drag a bit ('Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death' is especially guilty of this) the bands overall ideas are solid and while I'm curious to see how they evolve further and what they do next, for now I'm pretty pleased with the overall sense of hate that they so eagerly spew. This is a potent offering and the more time I spend delving into its brutally monochromatic arrangements the more I dig it.

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