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Monday, October 5, 2020

Dead End America - Crush The Machine

Hardcore can be many things to many people. Dead End America is a thriller because of both its political message, but also the way that it allows a group of old friends to get over the loss of a brother. I'm talking of course about our friend, Steve Hanford, the Slayer Hippy. He fortunately was able to get drums down for this masterful record before he passed. In addition to Steve Hanford, Crush The Machine features Tony Avila (World Of Lies, Why Won't You Die, Aborted Cop, Here's Your Warning) joined by lead guitarist Ian Watts (Ape Machine, Minmae) and bassist/vocalist Nick "Rex Everything" Oliveri (Mondo Generator, The Dwarves, ex-Kyuss, ex-Queens Of The Stone Age), with additional lyrics and vocals from Mike IX Williams (EyeHateGod, Corrections House, Arson Anthem, Outlaw Order) and Blaine Cook (The Acc├╝sed A.D., The Fartz, Toe Tag). Quite the lineup! 

What this record comes across as though is just a group of friends having fun as they protest a stupid and oppressive administration. In an era where we fear that our president won't cede power and every day somehow becomes more stressful than the last, Dead End America are flipping the bird to the world and reminding us of the raw power of punk rock. I think many of us are having a hard time with the ongoing COVID crisis, and this album is an incredibly cathartic listen. It's raw anger and energy incarnate. It's an honor to get to sink your teeth into the raw power and demented beauty of what they continue to bring to the fore here. 

Crush The Machine is a veritable tour de force. It showcases so many crucial aspects of these musicians work and sees them all come together in the name of some good old fashioned hardcore. New ground isn't broken here, but this is a helluva fun record. The raw chaos and energy that the band push here is eager and exciting. Few acts can continually hit the nail on the head, even if it's on a short EP. As a general rule though, this record is a banger that will have you moshing around your room, wondering when you might be able to properly mosh again. 

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