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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Moonlow - Who Are You


Moonlow has been described by its creator, Dust, as 'Apocalyptic Noise Poetry' and I'm not sure I could get a much more accurate analysis of what they are doing than that. This is a record that defies expectations, edging forwarding creaking and cranking, constantly digging at your sanity and forcing listeners to re-evaluate the wisdom of delving this deep into their sanity. Who Are You can terrify with the breadth of its execution and the tormented realities it unveils. While not a record for the faint of heart, the initiated will hail this as a masterwork. 

Who Are You is a deeply personal and introspective listen. The waves of noise, reminiscent of artists like Current 93 and Laurie Anderson disguise a Brian Eno-esque compositional sensibility. There is a breadth to the performances here that is stunning and continually points towards bleaker futures. It's hard not to be entranced with the demented imagery so frequently employed. The breadth of these compositions, even with relatively sparse instrumentation is stunning. On some level it seems like it is in fact because of the sparse instrumentation allowing for so much space in the compositions that Who Are You becomes such a great record. 

Moonlow have gone above and beyond here. This is a startling debut and an offering of a wonderfully demented caliber. This is a portrait into the artists soul and it can't help but to fascinate with the quality of the composition and the way that Moonlow so eagerly draw you into the music leaving you in complete obsession with what has been done. Who Are You is a stunner and there are a lot of layers to unpack, even if it takes multiple listens. So turn it up and get lost in the magic, this is what noise music can be at its finest. 

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