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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Garmarna - Forbundet

Garmarna has long been one of the most interesting bands in the underground to me. While they maybe broadly described as 'folk rock' in actuality, Garmarna are so much more than that. The basis of their sound is deeply rooted in folk traditions, but they easily, and eagerly borrow from a variety of other places. Forbundet fascinates because of the bands ability to fuse different elements and create a unique overarching vision. Garmarna have crafted, 30 years into their career, one of their most dynamic and exciting works to date. 

Forbundet is masterful too in the quality of the production. Garmarna are able not only to bring in exciting new ideas into a folk framework, but also infuse timeless tracks with a new magic. Look at the oddly danceable fun of 'Dagen Flyr' or the surprisingly heavy acoustic ballad, 'Ramunder.' Garmarna know exactly what they are doing and each passing track pulls you deeper into their unique soundworld and allows you to fall ever deeper in love with a band who continually triumph. There is a mysterious power to Forbundet and its poetic full moon mysticism is the stuff of legends. Getting lost in the magic is just part of the appeal. 

It's always impressive to see a band like Garmarna reach an entirely new peak this far into their collective career. Forbundet though is something special, an offering that captures the imagination and reminds listeners why they should delve into these masterful folk rockers. Rich with culture and gorgeous compositions one gets the sense that Garmarna are tapped into some sort of ancient power and in a sense they are. Join their journey, dance the ancient dance. I guarantee you that this quest is more than worth it.

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