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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Skelethal - Unveiling The The Threshold

Now this is an absolute killer. The burly riffs of Skelethal are weirdly addictive, delivered with crushing aplomb and a sense of perfect chaos. Toss in a few fun guitar solos and you have yourself a band who will get bodies flying  and crowds moshing. Hells Headbangers has once again dug up a treasure with the bands sophomore release, Unveiling The Threshold. This is death metal in the grand old style, but willing to borrow from a surprising blend of influences. While on the one hand there are Swedeath touches on the other you hear growls worthy of Schuldiner himself. It's quite the ride!

Unveiling The Threshold is an impressive step forward for the young band. This is a wonderfully aggressive effort and the barely restrained madness of these songs is simply delightful. It's such a delight to get lost in the punishing grooves and blasting madness. The tempo shifts and thrashy old school death metal assault that underscore much of this record really help to make it memorable. There is a very honest sense of melodicism here that shines through the whole thing repeatedly reminding us exactly why so many were enamored with Skelethal in the first place. They really manage to pull back the curtain and break down the magic here. 

Skelethal have unleashed a death metla assault exploring deat hmetal the way it should be. Proudly delivering in the grand old style this is a and operating at the highest possible level eagerly ripping down their adversaries. The madness behind Unveiling The Threshold is real and it's a delight to lose oneself in the chaos and torment of it all. Skelethal have crafted a wonderfully over the top death metal record here. Unveiling The Threshold is utterly masterful in their delivery and it leaves me wondering what magic they will conjure up next. 

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