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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Of Feather And Bone - Sulfuric Disintegration

Well fellas, I think we've found our death metal album of the year. The latest from Of Feather And Bone is a goddamn monster. I always knew that this band was god, but I don't think anyone expected their third record, Sulfuric Disintegration to be THIS good. This record is goddamn insane. There is a ferocity here that terrifies the listener and a breadth to the compositions that will crack skulls and drive you to madness. This is death metals finest hour and it is goddamn terrifying. Sulfuric Disintegration is chaotic, devilish and crushingly powerful. There is a sense of torment here that few of the bands peers will ever match. 

It's been a long time since I've heard a death metal record that FUCKING CRUSHES the way this one does. The balls out assault is impressive but the razor sharp guitar tone and never ending onslaught of riffs is just as important. This is a death metal band who seem eager to go straight for the throat and leave you scraping your jaw off the floor when you experience what they have done here. this is what death metal is all about, loud, tormented and fucking scary. It's an impossible record to turn off, Of Feather And Bone have just nailed the modern knuckle dragging death metal thing so well here. It's all I want out of an extreme record. Seriously. 

This album has it all. It's bombastic, it's fantastic and some of the sonic shifts are totally drastic. Ok maybe that last bit was just too rhyme, but Of Feather And Bone have created a deat hmetal record that sounds straight up scary. Sulfuric Disintegration is the sound of a band ocming apart at the seams and beaitng listeners over the head with volume. It's a terrifying experience but one I have quikcly grown to love. I know that I'll be coming back to this one a LOT and it is very much worth year end list consideration for all those who love extreme music. 

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