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Friday, October 16, 2020

Rïcïnn - Nereïd


This is a deeply fascinating one. Ricinn is perhaps best known for her work with Igorrr, but also works with Öxxö Xööx, and experimental trip-hop unit Corpo-Mente. Ricinn is her first solo project and it is a stunner. Best described as 'Funeral Opera' her music reeks of the influence of singers like Diamanda Galas. This is avant garde and twisted dark music at its finest. LEaning almost entirely on the many layers of Ricinn's incredibly impressive voice, Nereid isn't just a record you can get lost in but one that speaks to the listener in fascinating and exciting spiritual ways. 

The breadth of Nereid is fascinating. While on the one hand there are nods to black metal or even neofolk, on the other tracks like 'Doris' belie a clear trap influence. She's brought all these things together though under a banner that could be loosely described as classical music, but of course hints at so much more. When you consider how much work went into this record and the epic nature of the compositions it's hard not to be impressed. There is a sense of scope here that borders on the transcendent and confidently reminds us just how fascinating and excellent her work has always been. This is just the next logical step for Ricinn as an artist. 

Nereid is masterful, a look at one of the truly impressive voices in the world of underground music today. There are fireworks, as on the outro of 'Doris' but there are also moments of clear introspection. There are bits that just seem poetifc and elegant, then others that go for the throat. The point being - there is a ton to unpack as you dig through the music here and it is a delight to pick through it and experience the magic of what's being crafted by Ricinn. This is a massive offering that is brooding and powerful, get ready to delve in. 

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