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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Speedkiller - Midnight Vampire

Few bands bring the rage the way Speedkiller do. They nicely reflect the magic of the Brazilian underground. The twisted power of their new album Midnight Vampire does justice to both them and their label, Edged Circle. What's exciting, and fascinating, about these guys is how their wonderfully primitive take on death metal can remain deceptively modern. There is a dynamism that they eagerly unleash here that speaks to a band apart. They go for the throat and tear down the walls with a sound that fuses thrash with death and of course a few seminal South American black metal frills.

What's important to note is that while I call this band a bit primitive, their recording is remarkably clear. Yes it has a few dungeon basement frills, but those seem to be more for flavor than anything else. Midnight Vampire is thrilling in the raw energy and power they bring to the table. The trademark swagger of a track like 'Nightspell' is the sort of thing that one can't easily forget. Yes, Speedkiller may be grimy and over the top, but that's the point. This isn't metal for normal people, this is death metal written to crack fucking skulls and make everyone suffer. If you can't accept that then Midnight Vampire is not an album for you. 

The chaotic power of Speedkiller is exciting and powerful. Midnight Vampire is a triumphant offering that rolls around in the dirt and then comes out on top with delicious madness. This is the sort of twisted and over the top death metal that so many of us fell in love with the first place. It's got shockingly effective melodic hooks, downbeat drums and all sorts of circle pit inspiring magic. Speedkiller are twisted and here to rip your face off. Listeners will fall in love with this South American murder squad or be forced to leave the hall.

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