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Monday, October 26, 2020

Stormkeep - Galdrum

Now this is an interesting one. Stormkeep's brand of epic melodic black metal is delicious. Toss in a few dungeon synth flairs, like album closer, 'Lost In Mystic Woods And Cursed Hollows' and you have yourself a mystical journey. This is black metal at its finest, grandiose and powerful, speaking to the inherent majesty of the music. Stormkeep understand what it takes to capture the listeners imagination and their new record, Galdrum is just another gem in the crown of their label, the legendary Van Records. Getting lost in the might and mystery of this offering is a rare treat. 

Galdrum is the type of record that will thrill from the first. The cackle that kicks off the vocal line of the opening track 'Glass Caverns Of Dragon Kings' perfectly indicates the type of swagger that the band so eagerly embraces. With the black metal side of their sound, Stormkeep betray a deep love of bands like Immortal. It's energetic and powerful, the sort of fascinating listening experience that keeps listeners enthralled. These songs reflect a deep respect for the old gods of black metal but also hint at so much more to come from the bands sound. Their music is multilayered and the production shines throughout - speaking to the overarching talent the band bring to the table. 

Stormkeep have progressed masterfully as a band and this offering is a stunner. It invites you to get lost in strange and noble soundscapes. You immerse yourself in a sound that is artistic, powerful and above all magical. Their balance of light and dark is thrilling, continually impressive. Galdrum sees a band performing and executing black metal at the highest level. It's maybe not a groundbreaking listen, but it certainly is a record that continues to prove that there are ways to build upon the work of the old masters. It's thrilling. 

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