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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Dead Register - Don't Fail Me

I'm not gonna lie - I kind of love the pandemic maxi-single.  We've been able to take behind the scenes looks at some of our favorite bands and get some really cool releases out of it as they all hustle to write new albums. Don't Fail Me is one such offering, a fascinating little record that features an original, three live tracks and a killer remix from the one and only Lament Cityscape. It's a pleasure to sink your teeth into this offering and be reminded once again about the surreal and crushingly heavy magic of Dead Register.

See, Dead Register isn't like a normal band. This power trio features two bass guitarists in a sound that hearkens back to Neurosis as much as it does The Cure. They sit on the edge of a knife, on the one hand eagerly leaning into emotionally devastating hooks and on the other hand crushing your skull in wit ha sound that is, by design heavier than any of their peers when they want it to be. It's really a delight to immerse yourself in this madness and the more you uncover about the unholy ministrations of Dead Register the more impressed you will be Don't Fail Me is a delightful listen and one that consistently leaves listeners in awe.

Generally speaking this is a truly excellent offering that serves as a fitting outreach just as much as it is a love letter to pre-existing fans. I love the fact that the live tracks were recorded at a venue as iconic as Lafayette's Boom Boom Room. The Lament Cityscape remix uncovers exciting new sides to the bands unique sound. Together these songs make for some delightful listening that will keep devotees coming back, delighted with their discovery and eager to unveil more layers to the punishing crush of one of my favorite Atlanta bands.

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