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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Malacoda - Crawling Chaos


Malacoda are a nifty metal band out of Canada. Their gothic vibes and larger than life sound makes this new EP, Crawling Chaos a real delight, even if it does feel very 'local band.' The ideas here are fun, though none of them are particularly novel. Instead, Malacoda really shine when it comes to building on some of the gothic metal tropes that make the genre so fun. Yes, there is a cheese factor but that's part of the appeal of a band who lean into the magic of a genre that, even though it has clearly peaked, still has some interesting things that they can pick apart and leave listeners headbanging the night away.  

Of particular note on this record is the use of keyboards. While at times it provides the more traditional synth padding, there are also some fun little melodies executed by the piano. It provides a bit ore of a backing than just 'Doing the epic part' which is sort of what I feel a lot of similar bands fall into the trap of doing. As a general rule, Crawling Chaos feels very democratic. The songs take time to epmhasize each band member and showcase their individual gifts. It makes for a record that acts as a nice fusion of creative spirits and leaves listeners eager for what's to come next from these Canadian rockers. While there are no surprises, there is something strangely comforting. 

Crawling Chaos is a delight, eve nif it's one that doesn't particularly stun or leave you dragging your jaw off the floor. IF you are looking for a record that speaks ot the power of local scenes and sees some guys trying to elevate their work to a new level, building on years of collaboration and fun ideas, then this is a record you'll enjoy. Weighing in a t only four songs, it has replay value, and even now on my third listen I'm definitely finding interesting new twists and turns that serve to make this a very worth while effort. 

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