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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Dipygus - Bushmeat

There is really something to be said for the power of old school death metal in all its primitive glory. Dipygus understand that. Their new record, Bushmeat on the wonderfully savage Memento Mori records is a perfect example of what mid 90s style death metal could be at its sickest moments. There is a sense of savagery that defines this album with all of its knuckle dragging glory that makes for a fascinating listen that is guaranteed to keep those of us who are obsessed with the underground coming back for more. It's that good. 

In some ways Dipygus almost fee like they are a parody of the genre, pushing so many of the tropes to the logical extreme. The thing is - those tropes basically all fucking rule. It's a delight to really spend time with those tropes and get lost in the harrowing madness of these songs. Replete with blast beats and horror movie samples, Bushmeat is the sort of stomach churning death metal that I think lead to so many of us being fascinated with the genre in the first place. Their music is demented and weird, but this sort of skin crawling magic is exactly why we love it. There are a lot of twisted odds and ends here. The deeper you delve, the more exciting it becomes. 

If you're looking for death metal that hits all the core points of the genre. That really scratches the itch it was meant to scratch, then Bushmeat is for you. While there is nothing particularly fresh or novel about this offering, it's still an album that will excite and drive you into the pit to thrash among your long haired brethren. Dipygus have proven that they can pay a fitting tribute to the dungeon dwelling death metal madmen who preceded us and they illuminate the path for a twisted, and wonderfully vomitrocious future for this style of music. 

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