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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Upon The Altar - Absid Ab Ordine Luminis

Pure, unrelenting hate. Upon The Altar are a skull crushing death metal band like few others. This is the sort of raw and primitive blasphemy that makes so many of us fall in love with the genre and become enchanted with the utter bitterness of this music. Absid Ab Ordine Luminis is not a nalbum for the faint of heart. However, for those of us sworn to the kvlt, this is exactly the sort of bile that we eagerly ingest. It's a delight to sink your teeth into the terrifying mministrations the band unleashes here and a delight to spend time with their tormented energies. 

Absid Ab Ordine Luminis is the sort of thing that resonates wonderfully with folks who love groups like Teitanblod or Vassafor. It's got that same filthy swagger that makes those bands so endearing. There's a sort of apocalyptic sensibility that runs throughout this Polish war cry and it fuels the fire of the most destructive tracks. The hyper speed assault of the opening track "Crown Of Weakness" nicely sets the tone for what's to come. Yes, some aspects of the mix are less than great and yes there are moments that feel a bit derivative - but that's kind of the point. People usually don't come to bands on this bands label, Putrid  Cult, for artistic transcendence, but rather to get their faces melted the fuck off.

All I ask fellow pilgrim is that should you feel prepared, you lower yourself into the blasphemous sounds of Upon The Altar. This is the sort of record that pushes well beyond traditional genre expectations, but it's a delight to really sink your teeth into the more twisted ideas behind the music. Absid Ab Ordine Luminis is a rager from front to back and a delight to sink your teeth into, It's high powered death metal hate at its finest and genre devotees will find themselves entranced with the tormented hatespiral.

Hear the demo!

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