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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Marasmus - Necrotic Overlord

Now this is true death metal you bastards! Marasmus are a dizzying USDM band who pull from the influence of acts like Suffocation for something that is crushing and bordering on the terrifying. It's a punch in the face assault and a stunning reminder of the inherent terror of the genre. Full of creative drumming, acrobatic riffs and pummeling vocals, Necrotic Overlord is a veritable tour de force. It beats listeners over the head and forces them to choke on the bitter pill of our shared unreality. What I'm trying to say is I really like it. 

What really gets me about this album is the sheer chunkiness of the vocals. Tracks like 'Carrion Ascension' may have killer chaotic guitars and unrelenting blasts, but the vocals just have a sort of twisted breadth that makes them wonderfully addictive. The mayhem behind these songs is delectable and really speaks to the bands ability to frighten the listener with abrasive and violent sounds. Yes, there are moments where the mix could be improved or the ideas a bit stale, but this is underground death metal - what do you want? As it stands, Necrotic Overlord showcases a band who know how to fucking deliver, every step of the way. 

Necrotic Overlord is a fucking addictive listen. It scratches the death metal itch in a wonderfully precise way. Nothing about it is exceptionally new or exciting, but it's the general delivery that makes it a delight. It's the sort of record that just builds on what we all knew we always loved about the genre. It's hard hitting, tight and given to cracking skulls in. Marasmus have crafted a very fun record that pays tribute to the masters of old and leaves you gasping for air. This is the sort of death metal madness I signed up for all those years ago!

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