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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Boozewa - First Contact

Out of the pain of pandemic comes another amazing record. Such is the magic of Boozewa, a sludgy new project featuring members of Backwoods Payback. It's not a fancy record, but it is sure as hell a good one. This four song EP is a delight to really sink your teeth into, full of bass grooves and massive power chords. While the band are certainly not reinventing the steel here, they are doing an excellent job of unleashing sludge metal at its very finest. This is high volume stuff meant to rip the teeth right out of your head. 

There is something strangely comforting about this record with its warm guitar tones and crashing cymbals. It's an album that reeks of house show energy in a time where we see no house shows. It's a record that speaks to a strange sort of poetry and which leaves listeners continually entranced with the spiraling power of the bass guitar. There is a very real sense of pain on this album too that makes it all the more compelling. When drummer and lead singer Mike Cummings yarls 'I don't want to get even/I don't want to be wrong' you really get a sense for the difficulty and torment that was going on when this album was recorded. 

Ultimately - this record isn't some sort of unpredictable side step from the members of Backwoods Payback. It's in many ways just a rougher take on the grungy madness their main band does so well. However, within that there is a lot of might and magic. There are elements you can get lost in and the sort of quiet poetry of the underground that rings forth. Transcendent and deeply personal, Boozewa conjures up images of garage rock magic in order to guide listeners into a future where maybe things can be ok... even if its just for the day. 

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