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Friday, January 29, 2021

Non Serviam - Le Coeur Bat

Some bands strive to do a bit of everything. Non Serviam is one such band. On their new album, Le Coeur Bat they pull from black metal but also grindcore and doom. It makes for a truly unique listening experience full of distinct musical twists and turns that leaves listeners in awe of the breadth of what they have accomplished. That being said - the execution sometimes feels a bit clunky, even if the overall ideas and plan of attack around the whole record is very sound. It speaks to the sheer level of talent going into this band. 

Le Coeur Bat is in many ways an overambitious record. My main complaint with it is the run time, this easily could have been split into two albums. While the bands mix of experimental, black, doom, grindcore, crust and industrial metal is interesting it can also feel a little bit overwhelming. It really puts me in a place where, while yes what they are doing here is cool, on the other, do I really need over an hour of it? This might just be because the sheer amount of information presented is like drinking from a fire hose. Though the record is exciting, it's also one that really requires you to get down into the trenches and embrace the darkness. 

This is a truly interesting offering and those of you who enjoy avant metal are going to get quite a bit out of it. With tons of interlocking layers, it definitely rewards those who give it multiple listens. Le Coeur Bat is a monumental work and it's really delightful to sift through the madness and find your own truth within it. It's a fascinating record, and while it certainly feels overwhelming and oftentimes like a bit much, it really does have its own thoughtful and exciting execution that will keep you coming back to the weirdness.

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