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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Demonia Mundi - In Grembo Mater

Now this is an interesting one. The term 'Epic Black Metal' is tricky because it can mean stuff like Dimmu Borgir which is, a bit too mainstream for me, but also things like Demonia Mundi where old school vibes collide with demented synths in a blasphemous manner. In Grembo Mater is a masterful release and Cult Of Parthenope continue to impress with releasing top tier black metal. This is an album that is going to leave you in awe, headbanging away and delighted at the twisted ministrations found within. Demonia Mundi get it and it's a delight to immerse yourself in these monstrosities. 

I always liked records that have this fusion of bombastic and epic songwriting with more stripped down production atmospheres. It adds a nice layer of filth to the murk and helps to prove that Demonia Mundi's unique vision remains among the most exciting in the underground. Delving deep into the tormented mindscapes that they present on In Grembo Mater is really a delight as it provides a strange window into a bloodcurdling world of Italian black metal. In Grembo Mater trade heavily in treble-y guitar tones and blasting drums. While these ideas certainly are not new in the world of black metal, you have to love their quality of execution here. 

In Grembo Mater is a release that hints at a lot of interesting growth for the band. There are twisted new ideas here and off kilter takes that make for delightful listening. You can delve into the layers or simply appreciate it from the first listen. Yes, there are things I might like to see the band change in the future, but then they might lose some of the kvlt magic that makes them so fascinating in the first place. Lose yourself in these twisted odes and get ready for even more blasphemy to come, I think Demonia Mundi's public will demand it. 

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