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Friday, February 19, 2021

Hallucination - S/T

D-Beat on a Friday morning? Yes please. Hallucination are here to kick things off with some ferocious and vile noise crust that is reminiscent of greats like Deathside and Cult Ritual. Across the eight minutes of their demo, these Philly nihilists crack skulls and definitely prove that they are coming at it with raw energy and hatred that I think is rarely seen in the underground. Yes this genre is a bit derivative, but that's the point. That these ideas that are now well over 30 years old remain fresh and exciting when executed with panache. 

Hallucination capture the imagination from the first real track on the record, 'Hallucinations.' It sees the band delivering at a high level and with a snarl. The shoddy production and raw guitar tones are only part of the fun. In fact, to have any better production would actually make this record significantly worse. As is - Hallucination is a potent rallying cry, an initial cry out to a god who failed and proof that this is a band who are going to go for the throat no matter what you tell them. Isn't that sort of balls out aggression the very thing that makes punk rock so compelling in the first place? Hallucination certainly seem to think so. 

It's hard not to be enamored with the aggression and hate spewed forth by Hallucination. The band has done a fabulous job here of straight up going for the throat and continually proving that they are a one of a kind force in the scene. It's a delight to really sink your teeth into these sorts of blasphemies and the more time I spend immersed in the madness the more I realize that this is the sort of band who can't help but to capture the imagination. Will you dive into the mayhem with them or is their brand of punk fury too much? We don't care - we're having too good a time in the pit.

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