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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Matt Heckler - Blood, Water, Coal

Now this one is a delight. Blood, Water, Coal is the latest project from veteran violinist Matt Heckler. It sees him borrowing from a deep variety of folk music cultures and pointing towards a uniquely human approach to the instrument. Matt Heckler is a figure practically born out of legend showcasing a love for everything from Appalachian folk to traditional Romanian music with a healthy dose of Irish balladry. Yet somehow Heckler makes sense of all of this and crafts something truly exciting and deeply impressive. 

Blood, Water, Coal also charms because of the sheer talent that Heckler brings to the table here. Yes he's mainly a violinist, but god damn can the man sing. Meanwhile, his guitar playing on the ballad 'Forgive Me Mother' is a masterwork of understated brilliance. In fact, the relatively minimal and organic sounding production that dominates Blood, Water, Coal is a big part of the appeal. Matt Heckler has done an amazing job of really showcasing just what makes his work special and encouraging listeners to sit down and really get lost in the simple and sublime poetry of what he is continually executing on. It's beautiful. 

Join me in reflecting on life with the sorrowful and emotionally powerful artistry that is Blood, Water, Coal. It's dark and twisted, a stunning look deep into the heart of Appalachia by way of folk cultures from across Europe. Blood, Water, Coal is a record you are going to find yourself totally enamored with and really sinking your teeth into. It's dark and emotional, a reflection on the pain we all have to face in our day to day lives and it is practically guaranteed to leave you in awe. What more could you want from an album?

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