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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Medieval Demon - Arcadian Witchcraft

Who doesn't love a healthy dose of Hellenic black metal in the morning? I know I do! Arcadian Witchcraft is a stunner. Medieval Demon, a Greek black metal band initially formed in the 90s are fully back in business now. With their third album the band go to expand their sound and prove that they are rapidly becoming one of the most interesting bands to emerge from the Greek black metal scene. Arcadian Witchcraft is a dynamic and exciting listen that torments the listener and shows just how triumphant primitive leaning black metal can be. 

While the band certainly draws from a lot of traditional Greek black metal influences here, they are unafraid to borrow from other elements too. There are frills of Masters Hammer or even Jacula, especially with regards to the creepy keyboard sounds that provide so much of the sonic padding to the record. Arcadian Witchcraft charm with the breadth of their performances and the twisted ministrations that they conjure up to obsessed listeners. This is the sound of a band writhing in the murk and embracing the ethereal torment of our bitter unreality. The deeper you delve into these mind gouging rhythms the sooner you will come to appreciate it. 

Medieval Demon is an exciting band. At their best, as on songs like 'Mundus Et Diaboli' they are truly great. At their weirdest, as on the off kilter 'Mystics Of Ritual Madness' it feels like they are tapped into something wholly unique. As a general rule - Arcadian Witchcraft is a band who are seeking to push forward all that Hellenic black metal can be ad who routinely succeed in capturing the imagination and proving they are among the true greats of the genre having emerged from the crypt to prove their dominance once and for all.

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