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Monday, February 22, 2021

Play Dead - Skint

There is really something to be said for the old guard sheperding in the new generation. Such is the case with Play Dead a teenage British punk band being mentored by members of Wonk Unit and The Vibrators. It's a delight to really sink your teeth into this record, one that so elegantly pays tribute both to classic Britpunk but comes off with a very clear millennial panache. It's the sort of addictive listening that will keep you coming back, celebrating the ongoing magic of punk rock and all of its gifts to the world. 

Skint has a very real charisma to it I think many of the bands peers lack. Furthermore, there is a distinctly British sensibility behind the record. Tracks like 'The Drip' delivered with a half shouted quasi-monotone remain weirdly delightful. The songs are stripped down and basic, and the record sits around the ten minute mark, but it seems clear that something is brewing here. This may be a band who came to their own in teenage bedrooms and school playgrounds, but it's rare you have a band who can be this tight this young. There's a lot to delight in with this record and the deeper you delve the more you'll be enamored. 

While Play Dead may not be bringing surprising new elements into British punk music, they are doing a great job of presenting an unflinching look at a twisted world and reminding us what we need to do to get through. Skint is an ode to contemporary British life, and proof positive that no matter how much things may change, three lads making a bit of noise and screaming about being broke can still make for some compelling fucking music. It's what kicked off the genre, and now 45 years later, it still works wonders.

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