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Monday, March 8, 2021

Aphonic Threnody - The All Consuming Void

Few death doom bands capture my imagination quite like Aphonic Threnody. This is a band whose vast soundscapes and stunning structures are guaranteed to mesmerize listeners and point you towards a bold new future. This is a group who in many ways represent the sort of platonic ideal of death doom and to immerse yourself in this mastery is a treat. It was an honor to be sent this latest offering, The All Consuming Void from the band well advance of its release and to really get lost in the multilayered magic of what the guys do. It's a delight to understand. 

The elegant musicianship behind this record is a delight, a step forward even on 2020's excellent The Great Hatred. The scope of the writing behind songs like album opener 'Restless' is truly impressive and speaks to the groups unique talents and ability to capture the imagination whilst driving the band ever forward. This is perhaps Aphonic Threnody's most ambitious release to date, and really embracing the magic of what they do is a key step in understanding the larger overarching vision here. The melodic content in general is god tier, it speaks ot a band who stand a head and shoulder above their peers and have a truly deep understanding of what it means to be great songwriters. 

The All Consuming Void is a mesmerizing and wonderful offering. It's a record that you are going to get lost in and which sees the band building on their guttural growls and golden guitar tones in order to refine something mystical and powerful. It's a delight to really feel the power of this record and the more time you spend with its mythic craft the more I think it becomes clear just how good Aphonic Threnody are. A record with serious year end list potential, this is a must listen for any fans of death doom, new or old. It's that good. 

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