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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Niht - Arcanum

Arcanum is, without exaggeration, one of the best put together second wave black metal records I have heard in a long time. While the band is certainly not breaking any new ground with this offering it’s still impressive to hear the quality of the songwriting and the talent behind the execution. It sees the band delivering at an incredibly high label and once more doing credit to the curatorial brilliance of their label, Van Records. It’s the sort of album that fundamentally understands the power of black metal and seeks to share it with the world.

As you listen to Arcanum the spiraling snowstorms and furious blazes that make up the record will capture the imagination. The inherent magic of tracks like ‘Schmerz’ is palpable, its a delight to lose yourself in the power of what these songs conjure up. The soundscapes deployed are epic despite the relatively sparse nature of the instrumentation. What Arcanum is really good at is conjuring up that feeling of being a teenager just discovering black metal for the for the first time. They scratch that classic black metal itch with a sound that is wonderfully executed and brilliantly produced, making for something truly exciting.

Niht are a fun band who really get the heart pumping and serve as a reminder to just how wonderful black metal can be when executed at the highest possible level. They can build upon what makes this music great and craft truly wonderful art out of that. Immersing yourself in the magic is a delight and it hints at so much more to come from these wizards. Arcanum is a masterful offering and one that only begins to hint at all that is to come. If you’re looking to scratch that black metal itch this month, this is the album for you.

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