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Friday, March 5, 2021

Bizarrekult - Vi Overlevde

Vi Overlevde is an interesting black metal offering emerging from one of the central bastions of the genre, Oslo, Norway. The bands take on post black metal and infuses it both with classic Norwegian ideas as well as the influence of the epic Siberian steppe. The end result is a record that you can get lost in and which seems to continually guide listeners towards darker futures. Grandiose in scope and wondrous in execution this is a triumph and an album you're guaranteed to keep coming back too, mesmerized by the scope.

Bizarrekult excite with the sheer breadth of what they are doing here. 'For 1000 Ar Siden' is a perfect example of this. It's a piece that has massive sounding guitars but also which very much acknowledges the sonic forefathers who came and impressed before. It's the sort of album you can get lost in as you embrace the ferocious blast beats and the epic soundscapes within. There are simply so many triumphantly twisted layers here that it's an honor to just get lost in the morass and embrace the fray. There's so much to love and Vi Overlevde bring you ever deeper into the abyss with every step forward into this bitter and wondrous record. 

This is a masterful record and the more I think my teeth into it the more I'm impressed. Everything from the production to the overarching vision is exciting and well put together. The guitar tones are great and the delivery is flawless. This is clearly a labor of love and you can sense all the hard work that went into it. Vi Overlevde is a stunning take on the world of post black metal and the deeper you immerse yourself into the madness the more clear the power behind the execution becomes. It's a thrilling offering, time to embrace the magic. 

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