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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Spectral Lore - Ετερόφωτος

And so we have it - the black metal album of the year. Spectral Lores first full length in 7 years, Ετερόφωτος builds on the promise of their recent split with Mare Cognitum and helps to prove that this is still one of the most exciting and interesting projects in black metal. This is a massive multi layered effort that splays out over 75 minutes as a veritable tour de force of what the project mastermind Ayloss is capable of. Enormously technical with rich songwriting and fascinating lyrical concepts, this record is a goddamn stunner.

Many of you are probably like myself, having fallen in love with the band at the release of 2014's landmark full length, III. However, Ετερόφωτος feels much more like a spiritual successor to Sentinel a record which stood a bit apart from other early Spectral Lore releases. That being said, the vast soundscapes are back, as are the rich instrumentations and stunning growling performances. The rich atmospheres that define a track like 'Terean' the 19 minute album closer only serve to accentuate just what makes this such an impressive record. It's the sort of thing that devotees like me are guaranteed to keep coming back too. 

Spectral Lore have done it again. Ετερόφωτος is proof positive of just how good this band is and exactly where they are going. There are epic layers within the project, but also an overall approach that still feels very authentic to the works DIY roots. There is just so much to sink your teeth into that one, or even three listens isn't really enough. Instead you need to immerse yourself, embrace the madness and fall in love with the potent ministrations of Ayloss and Spectral Lore. It's a masterful record you won't soon forget.

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