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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Black Moon Mother - Illusions Under The Sun

Black Moon Mother is a really interesting heavy rock band. Their sound eagerly borrows from psych rock, pop and shoegaze but also doom. The end result is a record with gorgeous production that fits into a few niches. While it may at times feel a bit confused Illusions Under The Sun is a real delight to listen too. It has a lot of layers and shows a real sort of intellectual curiosity in expanding what doom metal can be. It's a compelling offering and one that will keep listeners coming back, eager to uncover further layers. 

There are a lot of interesting pieces to tease out of this album. I think what really gets me, beyond the quality of the production, is Black Moon Mother's willingness to bring disparate elements into a song and make it work. In some ways the tracks that really communicate this, songs like 'Around The Finger' are more similar to grunge than anything else. There is a desire to experiment here that I don't think you see a lot in the heavy rock scene. Illusions Under The Sun takes a lot of classic tropes and turns them on their head. The end result is an offering that is mesmerizing and powerful, the sort of thing that encourages repeat listening.

Illusions Under The Sun is a record that does an amazing job of taking elements most readers of this blog would have already been familiar with and distilling them into something new. While the end result isn't groundbreaking, these ideas have been germinating in the scene for a while, it's good to hear bands building on these concepts. Black Moon Mother have a whole boatload of potential and listening to it all spool out over the next couple of years is going to be a real delight. Brace yourself. This one goes deep.

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