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Friday, March 19, 2021

Tomahawk - Tonic Immobility

The time has come after eight years for a new Tomahawk album. The supergroup, featuring current and former members of Melvins, Helmet and Jesus Lizard as well as of course the one and only Mike Patton. Tonic Immobility is a masterful new album from the band and by god is it a stunner. There is just so much to sink your teeth into with this new record, and it proves time and time again that this group of musicians just have something special between them. Their alt metal stylings capture the imagination and eagerly push to a world that is full of potential and vision. It shows exciting new steps and guides you towards something greater. 

One of the things that really gets me about this release is the incredible magic of Mike Patton's voice. His ability to cross weird new sonic frontiers is endlessly exciting and speaks to the unique twists and turns he is capable of making. There are so many fascinating layers to this record, even if the arrangements stay relatively sparse throughout. While there are no mind boggling sonic twists or turns on this album, there are certainly a lot of unique ideas here and it feels like the next step forward for the band. Tracks like 'Doomsday Fatigue' probably wouldn't have really fit on any other offerings from Tomahawk.

Mike Patton has been grinding through an absurd amount of records for years now. Tomahawk though is a truly special project and it's good to hear that after years off, this band is back and quite possibly better than ever. There are a lot of exciting things to embrace within this album and it's always interesting to hear bands like this building on past triumphs. There are so many stunning layers to Tonic Immobility and the deeper I delve the more I enjoy it. What more could you want from a record? It's a monster.

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