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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Forsman - Dönsum i Logans Ljóma

Now here is a truly potent and melodic black metal offering. There are few records that can really conjure up this level of atmosphere ,especially not in as little time as Forsman require to really capture the imagination. Their stunning new mini-LP Dönsum i Logans Ljóma is a masterful offering and one that routinely shows just how good the band are. The songwriting on this record is absolutely top notch and draws from a wellspring of influences helping to show that Icelandic black metal remains among the best in the game. 

Dönsum i Logans Ljóma captures the imagination with both the beauty of the songwriting and sheer anger found within the vocals. This duality is very addictive and is perhaps best heard on tracks like 'Milli Elifdar Og Einskis' where potent shimmering arrangements counterbalance some truly brutal growls. The vocals sit almost unusually high in the mix on this record meaning that the rage they bring forth is particularly focused on. Few bands spit bile in the same way that Forsman do and the heightened anger that they bring to the table time and time again only serves to make for a more compelling listen. 

This is a driving and potent record full of eloquent twists and turns. It's got more than a few reminders of just how good this band is and where they could take the genre going forward. Forsman are a unique force in the world of black metal and mark yet another excellent Icelandic discovery from Van Records. Losing yourself in these tormented sound worlds with their gorgeous instrumentations, intense rhythms and brutarian vocals is addictive. The deeper you delve the more clear the strange ministrations become and the more you fall in love.

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