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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Fuath - II

Now this one is a strange and potent monster. Fuath is the atmospheric black metal side project of Saor mainman Andy Marshall. this winter obsessed offering which comes across my desk at the beginning of spring is a potent and tantalizing affair. There is a wonderful grimness to the record and the way that it nicely reflects classics 90s black metal influences really helps to make for a compelling record that is easy to fall in love with. It's just the sort of twisted poetry that keeps listeners coming back mesmerized with the frostbitten ministrations of the band. 

It's exciting to immerse yourself in the blast beats and endless flurries of guitar riffs that define II. It's a record that shows a deep understanding of 90s black metal but also brings much more to the table than that. The modern sensibility particularly with regards to melodic content of Fuath helps this release to feel distinctly 2021, even if the inspirations are largely classic acts. The production as a general rule is excellent. The melodic bridge on the opening track, "Prophecies" is sort of a throwing down the gauntlet. It shapes the project and helps to show that there are interesting layers to this release that just keep on coming. 

Grandiose and bombastic, Fuath really get to the freezing heart of underground black metal on this release. This is an album that is elegant in its frigid bliss and which will continually keep you coming back ever more enamored with the subtle and potent poetry of what's being done here. Few bands conjure up the same might as Fuath does and it's a pleasure to get lost in the blizzard and embrace the ravening underdark. II is a thrilling album for those of us enamored with the kvlt. Will you join our legions and enter immortal winter?

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