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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Heavy Sentence - Bang To Rights

There is really something to be said for a NWOBHM worship band who really get the vibe right. Where I think that many of the bands in the revivla genre really only pale in comparison to the greats of yore, every once in a while you find a band who really hit the nail on the head. I think very few bands are willing to go for it in the way that Heavy Sentence do with their Iron Maiden meets Motorhead magic. It's an exciting listen and one that will hold the listener... Bang To Rights. After all - isn't high powered guitar energy the reason we all got into this in the first place?

While Heavy Sentence are certainly still developing many aspects of their sound, Bang To Rights also just hints at so much more. It's simply fun to hear a band who pay tribute to the 80s with such joy. Yes, there are some issues with the mix ('Possession' in particular sounds a little bit flat) but there are also moments where the rawness of this record really shines. It's hard not to be charmed by the high power energy of a rager like 'Capitoline Hill.' Also - I'm not gonna lie, I love that the band have a song called 'Heavy Sentence.' I loved it when bands used to do songs where the band name was the title - what happened to that anyway?

Heavy Sentence have crafted something here that is very fun and will keep you headbanging. I get the impression that this is one hell of a live band. The super power magic that they bring to the table on this record is delightful and it's hard not to be charmed by the manic delivery and hectic execution of Bang To Rights. This is the sort of true metal record that is going to keep listeners excited and moshing into the future. Heavy Sentence just get it right. Heavy metal is the law, but only when it has swagger, and Heavy Sentence bring that in droves. 

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