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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Altarage - Succumb


Altarage has been turning heads in the underground for years now. With their fourth full length, Succumb the band reaches new heights in punishing brutality. It remains exciting and terrifying to delve into the blasphemous offerings found here. Succumb is an absolute motherfucking crusher of a record and the deeper I delve the more I fall in love. Altarage have found a way to evoke incredibly dark and oppressive sounds that are wholly their own. The blasting fury and saturated mix is a veritable blow to the head. 

Succumb is triumphant because of the way that it comes out and just chokes out the listener. It is triumphant because it leaves you suffering and wanting more. It's a record that goes above and beyond, impressing upon the listener the terrifying power of heavy music. The fusion of black and death metal here creates something that is simply punishment for the ears. And I fucking love it. It's the sort of record that drags you underwater and chokes you on endless layers of volume. It's exaclty the sort of thing that leaves listeners in terror. Which makes it exactly the sort of thing metalheads like us want to listen too. 

There is a lot to unpack with Succumb. It's a record that gives the listener seemingly endless sonic madness but which fits neatly into tight structures and delicious executions. There is so much to be fascinated by with Altarage and this third record is a serious step forward for the band. Losing yourself in these blasphemies is a strange delight and one that is not for the casual fan. Succumb will crack skulls and punish listeners from front to back. If you are devour in your dedication to the slaughter, pick it up.

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