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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Hymnr - Far Beyond Insanity

Hymnr play true second wave black metal executed at the highest of levels. Their twisted offerings claw at ones sanity and hint at all sorts of bleak and demented futures to come. While Far Beyond Insanity doesn't necessarily stock any surprises, it is a goddamn blast of a record and one that makes for endless addictive listening. It's exactly the sort of record that speaks to the existential power of black metal and which is guaranteed to keep devout listeners in awe. It is a joy to really immerse yourself in what is being done here.

What really stands out about Far Beyond Insanity is the production. It's not fancy, but it's executed perfectly. The record simply sounds good. It really nicely fits the general aesthetic of the genre and the songs have been sculpted in a way that they can both be very long but also have no fat. It's a rare record that accomplishes that. As it stands though, Hymnr have done a truly fantastic job of entrancing the listener with their blazing guitars and half time drums. The sonic assault that they deliver here is potent and really does credit to all this project can be. It's hard not to be charmed by the breadth of the delivery on this record. 

There is something really exciting to me about Far Beyond Insanity in the way that it really captures the imagination. While nothing here is completely surprising or out of left field, they do a picture perfect job of delivering crushing black metal. It's the sort of record you can't help but to be enamored with and which speaks to the potency of this band. Far Beyond Insanity is a stunner through and through. Will you immerse yourself into the madness? There is simply so much to be enamored with this masterwork. Join us.

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