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Friday, March 26, 2021

Bleeth - Harbinger

There is something to be said for bands that sound absolutely MASSIVE. There aren't a lot of groups who can really go out and just leave you scraping your jaw off the floor from the sheer scope of what they do. Yet such is the power of Miami's Bleeth whose punishing offerings and skull cracking volumes fuse sludge with post metal making for a unique listening experience. It's a delight to immerse yourself in what is being done here.  Harbinger is an impressive sophomore release that builds nicely on the promise of the debut album and EP.

In some ways the band is reminiscent of fellow Floridians Torche, but honestly they bring so much more to the table beyond that. There is a real sense of torment in the music that captures the imagination. The gnashing of teeth that you hear on a track like 'Skin Of Your Teeth' is fucking punishing. It's exactly the sort of thing that keeps metalheads constantly coming back for more. Toss in a stellar production job that really goes above and beyond and you start to get a sense for just how good Bleeth are. Not a lot of great bands emerge from Florida, and yet here we are. What can I say other than that this is another awesome discovery from Seeing Red Records? 

Harbinger is a crusher any way you slice it and the diverse set of influences that come into this record to fascinated the listener are great. The level of execution throughout this offering is impressive and the more time I spend bathing myself in the raw volume the more I'm excited by it. This record has it all, a unique concept, stellar arrangements and solid songs. There are a lot of things to pick apart in a way a 300 word review could never accomplish. All I can say is if you dig post metal and sludge, maybe give this one a look see. 

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