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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Nattverd - Vandring


Now this is an exciting one. Nattverd first impressed their internal torment upon my ear drums back in 2019 when I first got a promo of their stunning offering Styggdom. This new record, Vandring, presumably written over the course of the coronavirus pandemic is truly impressive and exciting. It's the sort of record that speaks to the enduring power of black metal and makes for some deeply enjoyable listening. There is a breadth to this record that is powerful, and Styggdom seems to continually see the band pushing themselves deeper into the blackened abyss. 

There is a real sense of wicked magic behind tracks like 'I Moerket Slumrer Ravnen.' There is a real power to the second wave black metal stylings of Vandring. It's such a delight to immerse yourself in the scowls and roars that define the album. This is the sort of black metal record that really banks on its blazing fury and the frostbitten power within. Listening on a particularly sunny spring day makes for a bit of cognitive dissonance, but I am still enamored with what the band has done here. Vandring evokes a wonderfully bleak set of emotions. The monochromatic sound is at once understated and epic. The clear callbacks to the best in 90s black metal only adds to this magic .

Vandring is a triumph any way you slice it. From the murk and suffering of the past year and going forward, Nattverd have found a way to build on their distinctly exciting sound. It's hard not to be enamored with the ongoing breadth of these songs and the quality of the execution throughout. Vandring is a thrilling offering, the sort of thing that devout black metallers will surely find themselves coming back too time and time again. This is a devastating record, an exciting record, and one I can't help but to love.

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