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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Ringare - Thrall of Winter's Majesty

Thrall Of Winter's Majesty is described in the press release as " four tracks of winter-worshiping meditative ambient and black metal" and honestly I couldn't find a better description for this offering. It's a masterful record and one that kvltists in love with darkest winter will find endlessly appealing. There is a breadth to this record that many of the bands peers can only nod at and the deeper you delve the more you find tormented and exciting offerings that will keep you on your toes and eager for more. What more could you want out of a black metal record? 

What Ringare do especially well is crafting epic soundscapes. When you hear a track like album opener, 'Witness To Winter's Lament' you can practically see the epic landscapes opening up before you in all of its frostbitten glory. It's a delight to really immerse yourself in the magic and experience the breadth of what unfolds here. Thrall Of Winter's Majesty is epic black metal in the truest sense of the word, it feels grandiose and larger than life. It has a sort of bombastic fury that makes the record addictive and mesmerizing. The more you pick apart the layers the more it seems obvious that Ringare are in a league of their own. 

This is a powerful record, and while it may not be ideal listening for a spring day like today, I can certainly appreciate what the band were doing here. I know for a fact that I will be coming back to it the next time we get a blizzard here in New York. Ringare capture the imagination with this release and transport you to a strange and potent soundworld. Larger than life and endlessly entrancing, Thrall Of Winter's Majesty is the sort of album that you are going to be enamored with and, those of you true to the frozen north, will come back again and again. 

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