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Monday, March 15, 2021

To The Dogs - S/T

Hyper speed guitars, manic playing, thrilling performances. These are the things that make To The Dogs dynamic debut so exciting. This is a record that goes straight for the throat at a million miles an hour and seems to continually grind towards ever more exciting heights. To The Dogs unique brand of blackened crust is a lot of fun to lose yourself in. It comes with a level of swagger and punishing authority that few bands can command on their debut EP. But here we are. To The Dogs are delivering at a million miles an hour and loving it. 

What gets me about this record is the sort of manic biker madness that plays out across these hectic nine minutes. To The Dogs is one of those records where the album art really says it all. It's a record that has a sort of high powered biker energy helping to make it compelling and exciting. The frenetic playing on all three songs is fun to follow along and speaks to just how quickly this band came together. Despite this only being a handful of tracks, To The Dogs immediately give listeners a clear sense of who they are and what they can do. Influences from Warfare to Aura Noir are eagerly showcased and remind listeners just how twisted they are. 

To The Dogs is a really fun offering that evokes all the bitterness of the Wisconsin waste and hints towards ever more tormented futures. It's rare that a band can rise from the midwest and get the attention of a vaunted Norwegian label like Edged Circle but here we are. Clearly these guys are doing something right. To The Dogs is a goddamn thriller any way you slice it and the more time I spend enamored with their high powered blazing into the abyss the sooner you will fall in love with the power of it all. 

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