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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Thanatomass - Black Vitriol & Iron Fire

Now this is black fucking metal. Thanatomass are a one of a kind force. This anonymous Russian legion have an incredible fire in their bellies and their willingness to go straight for the throat makes for some of the most compelling black metal that I have heard in a good long while. there is a ferocity to the music and intensity to the execution that few of the bands peers can really match up too. It makes for compelling listening from a band determined to take on the world and crack skulls anywhere they go.

I'm just in love with the vicious bombast and chaotic madness of what the band is doing on Black Vitriol & Iron Fire, tracks like 'Phallvs Lvciferi' have an almost King Diamond-esque sense of otherworldly power behind them. There is a a certain breadth to these compositions, a massive power behind the execution that serves to make these offerings deliciously blasphemous and endlessly exciting. It's a delight to really immerse yourself in the layers of torment that define this band and really come to embrace the terror within. Few bands can engage that level of twisted magic and its a delight to hear Thanatomass revelling in it. 

To blast Thanatomass is to find yourself writhing in the murk and embracing the punishing realities of the modern day. Black Vitriol & Fire is a devilish record that is bent on dragging listeners like you and me straight to hell. If you embrace this horror then you will find yourself justly rewarded. If you turn away from the madness then you're going to simply be another poser left in the dust. Delve into the dark with me. Few bands can evoke the same sense of evil. Aren't you curious to hear their devilish machinations at their loudest?

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