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Monday, March 22, 2021

Sepiroth - Condemned To Suffer

There is really something to be said for all caps DEATH METAL. Not a lot of of bands really bring the intensity to merit that designation. Most of them lack the tone or the slamming riffs that really take a band to that next level. It's what makes a band addictive for freaks like us and encourages you to go apeshit in the pit. Fortunately, Sepiroth ARE an all caps death metal band and the intensity that they bring to the table on their latest album, Condemned To Suffer is goddamn masterful. It's exciting to lose yourself in this freewheeling madness. 

The blasting energy of Condemned To Suffer is the perfect underpinning to a truly devastating record. The guitar playing is hectic and powerful. As I mentioned before, the tone on this record is truly special. There's a meatiness to it that I feel like many of the bands peers can't even touch on. It's a delight to fling yourself into the pit and experience the chaotic and dangerous madness of a record that seems to continually push harder. Condemned To Suffer charms in the breadth of the work. It's a record that really leans into the brutal death metal aesthetic but executes in a way that is high powered and hectic. It's a delight to get thrown into this hellscape. 

While there may be no real surprises on Condemned to Suffer it's a masterful record that will capture the imagination. There's an insanity behind the album that makes it addictive and a willingness to rip faces off that I just have to love. The brutarian stomp and devilish ministrations that Sepiroth lean into are the stuff of nightmares and I adore it. If you're looking to satisfy your death metal fix and get flung into the pit so you can appreciate the tormented glory of the genre executed at the highest possible level then this is the album for you. 

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