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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Vampirska / Wampyric Rites - The Drowning Void

There are few better ways to kick off your Tuesday than with a raw black metal split. This release from Inferna Profundus features two of my favorites, Vampirska and Wampyric Rites. While I've featured this split over on my radio show at Hard Rock Hell I realized I had not taken the time to properly review it. This record is a monster. It shows two ferocious black metal acts at their finest. They don't give a fuck and they want to go straight for the throat. The execution of what they have done here is truly thrilling, vicious and over the top. 

Vampirska kick things off, first with a wonderful arpeggiated intro, and then a firebrand of an OSBM riff. This is a band who are clearly committed to staying true to the old ways. The Darkthrone inspired torment that fuels their half of this record is really interesting to get immersed into. As much as I enjoy what Vampirska do, I feel like Wampyric Rites offer up my favorite side of the split. Not only are there some of the best riffs on the record here, but also wonderfully creepy synths. The way these pad out tracks like "Tragedy Of Existence Pt. II" is really interesting and gives the band a sense of bombast. It overcomes the limited production to instead be something grand.

While neither band here is necessarily reinventing the genre, they both do a good job of evoking the strange power of this music. Vampirska kick it off with a particularly vicious breed of old school black metal. Meanwhile, Wamypric Rites with their creepy synths and tormented vocals provide the flip side of the coin. Their contribution is ethereal and creepy, a demented statement of a twisted band. For those in the know, The Drowning Void is exactly the sort of split we are looking for, a blasphemous offering to drag us into the pit. 

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