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Friday, April 16, 2021

Anatomia - Corporeal Torment

Anatomia are among the greatest of the Japanese death-doom crushers. Their music is aggressively atavistic. The punishing assault of their new record Corporeal Torment will claw at your sanity and leave you begging for a loving god. There is rarely much hope in this world, but if you were foolish enough to have any left, Anatomia are certain to crush it out of you. This is nihilistic and devastating death doom at its absolute finest, a testament to just how good the band are and exactly where they are planning to go. 

Corporeal Torment is absolutely crushing in the best way. The record starts off with three more typical death doom stompers. They are heavy and slow, reveling in the murk of the bottom end. However - things get really special with the closing track, the twenty minute plus "Mortem". This song pushes the band to new and even heavier extremes. It forces you to choke on the bitter pill of their pure devastation and it is simply delightful to really suffer in what they have created. The waves of sound and crushing trauma that they evoke is really exciting. It's one of the heaviest things that I have heard all year, in the most primitive and terrifying way possible.

This is a crusher. It's the sort of album that leaves you gasping for air and just is so wonderfully fucking loud as to be unforgettable. The levels of distortion and torment that claw at your sanity on this thing speaks to just how good Anatomia are. The ability to really lean into the horror, to unveil countless layers of pain, it's the sort of sonic bloodfeast that keeps addicts like us coming back for more. It may be inhuman - but it's our unique brand of utter devastation that keeps us entranced with the evil. Listen to this monsterpiece. 

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