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Saturday, April 17, 2021

The Vulture - S/T

You've got to admire a band whose only descriptor on their Bandcamp page is 'We play death metal.' At that point you really know what you're going to get, and by god do The Vulture deliver with their self titled debut EP. This is the sort of balls out, pure ferocity that helps to make death metal such an exciting genre in the first place. Sure The Vulture aren't reinventing the steel, but that's hardly the point. The point is that this is go for the throat death metal that really speaks to a sound that is unapologetic and utterly crushing. 

There is an intensity to tracks like 'Time To Burn A Body' that I don't think many of the bands peers can really emulate. Sure, the production can get a little muddy here and there, but that's honestly part of the appeal of the record. Another highlight is the profoundly chunky riffs. There's a real girth to them you don't find in much modern death metal. This is a distinctly modern album with production that feels a bit dated. It gives the entire thing a unique vibe and actually has me curious to continue unpacking the myriad layers of blasphemy within this offering. It's really a blast to pick apart and come to terms with the demented offerings within. 

The Vulture prove themselves as competent death merchants on this EP. While it's not mind blowing, it's certainly a record that will crack skulls and sate the interests of death metal addicts around the globe. It's a delight to really embrace the crush of this band and experience the punishing commitment to volume that drives this project forward. Though this is just an EP one gets a great sense of just how good this band is and it leaves you curious to unpack a few more layers. There's a lot to spend your time with on this record, and it is most certainly worth a listen. 


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