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Sunday, April 4, 2021

Cannibal Corpse - Violence Unimagined

Fifteen albums of death metal slaughter. That's how deep we are into Cannibal Corpse's skull crushing legacy. This record is a goddamn monster any way you slice it. Moving away from the death thrash direction of the past few records, Eric Rutan joins the band to unleash pure hate, and it is monstrous. This is one of the heaviest Cannibal Corpse records in recent memory and the unapologetic face melting is a delight to immerse yourself in. Violence Unimagined is a death metal fans death metal record. 

All the classic Cannibal Corpse tropes are here. The blast beats, the chainsaw guitars, the songs about serial killers. At this point - if you pick up a Cannibal Corpse record you know what you're getting into. It's a bunch of 50 year old dudes from Buffalo here to shove an icepick into your eye. It fucking rules. Violence Unimagined is the sort of record that leaves your neck hurting from headbanging, which is exactly why I love it. It's a record that terrifies listeners and proves that even now, even 35 years in, Cannibal Corpse remain among the best to ever do it. This record sounds fresh and vicious, it's a testimony to just how consistent these guys are. 

Join me in diving straight into the pit for this one. The circle pit inducing magic of Violence Unimagined is a blast. This is the sort of record that incites bloodshed. The band are back and evil as ever and getting lost in the twisted blasphemies of their music has never felt so good. The madness is real and with nary a dull moment on the record, Violence Unimagined is going to keep you coming back ever more thirsty for blood. This is death metal at its finest hour. Are you ready to handle the skull cracking?

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