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Monday, April 5, 2021

Disfuneral - Demo

Not gonna lie - I LOVE how Redefining Darkness send out demos of some of their favorite bands. It's a great way for nerds like me to find out about what's new, sick and brutal in the underground. Disfuneral are a crushing French death metal band, and contrary to what their name might imply, they don't play d-beat. Instead they unveil a sort of twisted brand of death metal that throws you straight into the pit and makes you choke on old school magic. It's a blasphemous crusher of a record that will keep you gasping for air. 

There's not a lot of band these days evoking this particular breed of old school death metal. Yes, there is a fair share of Entombed-core in the sound, but one also hears a lot of Leprosy era Death in the mix too. In fact it almost feels like that's the primary influence. The point being - there is a groove here that can't help but make you want to mosh out a redneck stomp across your house. The charm of Disfuneral is palpable to those who love the old school and while there aren't a lot of surprises it's always good to hear bands who can add to the pantheon of great death metal. It's especially surprising coming from France, a country that hasn't historically had a ton of great death metal. 

Disfuneral have done a fantastic job of evoking a very particular aesthetic and capturing the imagination with this twisted demo. It's a devastating offering that really speaks to the power of this music. It's a delight to sink your teeth into, and leaves me very curious to hear what's going to happen when this band finally get their full length out. Delve into the blasphemies and fall in love. If you want a classic death metal experience then get ready to turn this one all the way up. Disfuneral fucking get it, and it rips. 

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