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Friday, April 2, 2021

Ereb Altor - Eldens Boning

I've always had a soft spot for Ereb Altor. Their particular brand of Bathory inspired viking metal was always particularly interesting to me. In fact - I felt like their most recent record, 2019's Jartecken was one of their best to date. Their new EP, Eldens Boning is absolutely massive sounding. It's a record that, even though it's a mere four songs, hints at a very exciting future for the band and which again serves to broaden their sound. It's a real delight for any of us who remain Bathory obsessed and would like to hear more of that sort of stuff. 

One of the most striking things about Eldens Boning to me is the power of the vocals. They've taken a quantum leap forward. The album opener, 'Twilight Ship' is a stunner and it immediately showcases Ragnar's vocals executing at their highest level. It's exciting to hear unfold and really speaks to the level of talent they are bringing to the table. While there are certainly moments on this record that could use more development, the overall vibe of Eldens Boning is epic. I'd love to hear more in this vein from the band, but I get it. You have the songs that you have. Still - even for something that weighs in just over 23 minutes, this is an exciting offering. 

Immerse yourself in the layers here and let the synths wash over you. The epic viking metal unveiled by Ereb Altor on this EP is incredibly fun to really immerse yourself in. There's just so much about Eldens Boning to unpack. It's more than worth multiple listens. Ereb Altor have done a fantastic job in continually unveiling gorgeous new layers of sound and hinting at epic new soundscapes. There are few viking metal bands today who tie into the roots of the genre in such a poetic and elegant way, but Ereb Altor do a fantastic job of just that. 

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