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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Forever Autumn - Hail The Forest Dark

This is an interesting one - gloriously raw and unflinching black metal from New England. Hail The Forest Dark is a primitive sounding record that revels in its darkest moments and eagerly evokes the bitterness of a time forgot. The atavistic leanings and pagan salutations of the newest offering from Forever Autumn are alienating to all but the most devout of listeners. However - for us who are deeply invested in this music it is clear that Forever Autumn remain one of a kind - a twisted project offering blasphemous music. 

Hail The Forest Dark captures the imagination with its overarching sense of blasphemy, its sense of crushing evil and the primitive manner of its delivery. Everything about this record is fucking raw, and considering this project is over 20 years old that means they like it that way. Forever Autumn is sort of the platonic ideal of a black metal project, refusing to play live shows, masterminded by a mysterious individual and eagerly driving towards twisted new heights. This is a tormented record to say the least and one that can't help but to capture the imagination of devout listeners as they lose themselves in the tormented mists of time. 

Forever Autumn have cranked out a winner with this vile little EP. It may not be the sort of thing that will ever appeal to a mass audience but it pretty obviously was never intended too. Hail The Forest Dark is twisted and weird, the sort of thing that speaks to something greater and which cracks skulls as it drags you into the pit. While Forever Autumn may not be reinventing the steel, for those of us who enjoy primitivistic and primal black metal that gnaws at your sanity, this is a hell of a record to fall in love with.

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