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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Mosara - S/T

It's rare that you get a promo from a doom metal band where one of the dudes is wearing a Faster Pussycat shirt. In fact it's entirely possible that Mosara are the first band to do this. It makes their unique and crushing brand of atavistic doom all the more exciting. With gorgeous production and sprawling songwriting, Mosara sees the band operating at a wonderfully high level for a debut recording. It's impressive to really experience the magic of what the band has put together here and to fall in love with it. 

There is a breadth to the compositions on this offering that make even the instrumental passages, with their throbbing bass lines and massive power chords find a way to remain compelling. Mosara impresses not just because it is an emotionally intelligent record but because it's one that eagerly leans into 80s glam magic just as much as it appreciates the crushing power of bands like Yob. There's a ton of layers to what's going on here, even if the arrangements frequently are fairly sparse. The bass in particular has an outsized role on this album helping to craft an exciting botto mend that keeps you coming back. 

Losing yourself in the warm riffs and snarled vocals of this band is a real pleasure. Few bands really feed on the primitive crush that helps to make Mosara such an interesting band. The depth of these songs and the quality execution is mesmerizing. Losing yourself in these amber waves of volume is a delight and speaks to just how good Mosara is as a sonic statement. With a month to wait, look out for singles and more - because this record is going to wrap you up and crush your skull in. No questions asked.

Grab their demo now!

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