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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Kosmodemonic - Liminal Light

Now this is an interesting one. Brooklyn stalwarts Kosmodemonic have always fascinated me with their tightly executed and high concept sound. The way that the so seamlessly fuse black metal with doom and a plethora of other genres has always set them apart from the pack and really speaks to their ability to craft heavy music with meaning. The influence of everyone from Celtic Frost to Craft shines through here. It makes for an artistic and crushing record that implodes ear drums and drives towards blasphemous new futures.

The crushing assault on tracks like 'Hidden Light' replete with Shawn Bozzler's trademark snarl is wondrously effective. The band has a feel that is distinctly their own. This is largely in part due to the way the guitar tone is dialed in. It has a sort of otherworldly creepiness to it that makes the entire record feel just a tad otherworldly. It helps to elevate Kosmodemonic to that next level and show listeners just how unsettling these things can become. It's exactly the sort of epic blasphemy that you want to immerse yourself in. This is a band who really get the power of the genre and who are without a doubt a credit to the scene. 

What can I say other than that this is a really interesting and exciting record. There's just so much to pick apart and they seem so eager to take things to the next level. Liminal Light is impressive any way you slice it and the more time I spend with it the more I see the power of the overarching vision behind the music. This is exactly the sort of thing that will keep you coming back to a band, curious to unveil the myriad developments within and excited to delve ever deeper into a project that pushes the boundaries of what black metal can be.  

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