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Monday, April 12, 2021

Cvlt Of The Svn - We Are The Dragon

Now this is an interesting one. Cvlt Of The Svn are a dark rock act on Napalm Records whose unique blend of sounds is eyebrow raising to say the least. While there music is very clearly drawing from the work of acts like Type O Negative and Marilyn Manson there are also clear nods to Turbonegro and even touches of nu metal throughout the record. The end result is a record that is bleak but also has some shockingly catchy moments. It's a pop record recorded by some of the gloomiest people you can imagine. 

Even from the first there are some positively massive hooks. The weird half growled/half whispered vocals that define this record remain surprisingly versatile throughout. I honestly thought I'd be sick of them by the fourth track, but the unique and subdued delivery is actually kind of fascinating and keeps me coming back. The deep layers of the production are also pretty exciting to sink your teeth into. The guitars in particular carry a ton of the melody and really help to flesh out some of these songs. In some ways this band could almost be thought of as a more macabre Ghost - it's the same sort of hellish pop rock vibe. 

We Are The Dragon is an exciting record and one that I think will keep listeners coming back. There are a lot of weird and unexpected moments on this offering making it a real delight to sink your teeth into. Few acts these days are able to so elegantly fuse exciting new ideas with 90s metal concepts to make something that was truly exciting and well thought out. We Are The Dragon is really impressive in its execution, and even if some of the tropes sound a little bit dated, they lean into them making the whole experience a blast.

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