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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Lucid Sins - Cursed

In the wake of Ghost blowing up something very interesting has been happening in the world of rock. Suddenly you're starting to see bands who REALLY know their 70s rock. Who proudly cite Wishbone Ash and Blue Oyster Cult as influences. I'm not saying Lucid Sins are doing this in a direct response to Ghost, but the similarities are certainly there, and Ghost paved the way for that. The point being - their new record, Cursed is a goddamn treasure and the sort of thing that you can't help but to be charmed by and fall in love with. 

Cursed has a very real and strangely sublime poetry behind it, a direct product of really digesting their core influences. The keys that shimmer over the entire record are particularly entrancing. They provide a real depth to the music that I think a lot of the bands peers can't really compare too. I just am in love with the airy execution and unique ideas that help to make this such a compelling record and one that continually outdoes itself. There are just so many layers of Cursed to pick apart and really immerse yourself in. It's the sort of psychedelic trip that only the greatest bands can really pull off and draw you into. 

Lucid Sins have really captured my attention with this record. Yes there are Ghost-isms and moments that feel a bit too close to their influence,s but honestly that's the appeal. Few bands pull of this 70s sound as well as these guys so really embracing the magic of that is a delight and will keep you coming back time and time again. Cursed is an exciting and masterful record and one that classic rock fans will love. While there are clear next steps for Lucid Sins, as a whole, this is a titanic offering that makes me curious to dig deeper.

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